I told my mom I'd help her out with the school's forensics meet and these are my thoughts
  1. Kids are weird and kinda creepy
    They just stare at you...
  2. They're pretty dumb
    Someone asked me after staring at my tattoo if I was an 8th grader... 😑 I'm 22
  3. They're very loud. Like crazy loud.
    Was I this loud in middle school? Answer no. Not. Possible.
  4. Wish I had a drink 🍾@
    That wouldn't be alarming at all. Getting drunk with a bunch of 11-13 year olds. Totally kosher
  5. Wondering if my fashion sense was as great as what I'm witnessing today.
    👯👯 an accurate depiction of what all the girls look like.
  6. Why do girls giggle so much?
    It's probably not that fun anyways.
  7. I wish my mom would come back and save me.