This is the order in which I do things after an awful day of work. Life knocks you down occasionally
  1. Drive
    On the drive home I try to take that time to gather my thoughts and have some me time before going home. That way you have some you time before roommates or boyfriends/girlfriends start in on the subject.
  2. Talk to a friend
    Anyone who gets and understands you. Because sometimes you just want to be heard - even if you know you're wrong
  3. Go running
    After the talk I usually get all wound up again so I go running or to a fitness class to blow off the extra steam.
  4. Have a drink
    Usually an alcoholic one. Helps take the edge off and sometimes you just need to relax with a refreshing drink and some laughter.
  5. Have amazing food
  6. Getting some sleep so I can tackle the next day.