I see this so often I thought what the hell?!
  1. The one with Pam's art show
    No one really shows up and Michael comes and is blown away by her talent. He's so sincere- it's heart breaking because in that moment Pam is broken and Michael helps hold her together. 💔
  2. The one where Michael leaves for good.
    It's beautiful and heartbreakingly sad that Michael lies to everyone about when he actually leaves so it can be a normal least day. And when Jim finds out and Pam meets him at the airport. 😭
  3. The one where Jim and Pam stay at Schrute farms right after he and Angela break up.
    Even though Jim and Dwight are always kind of bickering when it comes down to it they're there for each other.
  4. The one where they're all at the Beach
    And Pam finds her courage
  5. The office olympics 🏅
  6. And the series finale
    Never has a show ended so amazingly brings me to tears every time. 💯