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  1. Paddle boarding
  2. Crochet
  3. Embroidery
  4. Wood whittling
  1. Downton Abbey
    And a love for period film was born.
  2. Girls
    Dialogue is funny as shit and powerful themes and topics.
  3. Bar Rescue
    My favorite part is the drink recipe demos.
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Running list bc English is cool
  1. Ragamuffin
  2. Buffoon
  3. Bourgeois
  4. Lethargic
  1. Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol
    Very interesting high school story about a daughter of Russian immigrants in graphic novel form.
  2. milk and honey by rupi kaur
    Some call it cliche but it's popular for a reason. Accessible beautiful poetry.
  3. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
    FITTING. This was a reread. Read it senior year in Sci-Fi Lit and now it feels more important than ever.
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Running list
  1. milk and honey - rupi kaur
  2. Swell water bottle. Cold water ALL DAMN DAY.
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  1. I'm a terrible listener with visual stimulation. So I'm great at listening to podcasts but I often get distracted watching tv to listen to everything that is said.
  2. Really, I started using them so I didn't miss so much while watching Game of Thrones.
  3. Since I'm a visual learner, subtitles help keep my attention.
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This list has been coming for months but things this important have a drafting process.
  1. 1.
    Pray You Catch Me - "My lonely ear, pressed against the walls of your world"
    When u realize even Queen B can feel this way
  2. 2.
    Hold Up - okay I have 2 for this song BC BOTH ARE 2 REAL: "I smell your secrets, and I'm not too perfect, too ever feel this worthless" "I don't wanna lose my pride but imma fuck me up a bitch"
    Ok the second one isn't this everyone's favorite lyric though let's be real. BEYONCE A BAD B.
  3. 3.
    Don't Hurt Yourself -
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Had my wisdom teeth out Monday. It is now Friday. These last 4 days have transformed me from feeble 22 yr old to ADULT AF.
  1. To start with, I scheduled my OWN consultation for my wisdom teeth.
  2. Who makes their own appointments that are going to lead to inevitable pain and suffering?!
  3. I'll tell you who. Adults who are WISE.
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  1. Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee
  2. My professor sent everyone out who didn't read for class today to go read it and come back. About 90% of the class left. We laughed each time late people came in the lounge to feel shame with us. A funny bonding moment in our shared unpreparedness.
  3. Fall courses are up today! So now I can gleefully plan my next semester. It's a nerdy pleasure of mine.