Into it!

Running list
  1. milk and honey - rupi kaur
  2. Swell water bottle. Cold water ALL DAMN DAY.
  3. Blackout poetry. Had my juniors do these.
  4. My favorite one.
  5. Bungalow houses. I've always wanted one for the porch and they just look so cozy and home-y.
  6. Guys We F@#cked Podcast. A delightful duo of women comedians who interview various people, including men they've slept with. I haven't listened to the early episodes with those, but each episode is so interesting and this podcast makes my commutes v enjoyable. I also find both of their voices really pleasing to listen to?!
  7. This Taco Bell cup.
  8. Wilfred.
    Surprised by this one. But ultimately into it.
  9. This show is so awesome and I completely forgot it existed. V into it this week. Nostalgic for the no cable tv of my past.
  10. My cat's tail around a beer
  11. These new kicks