Why Using Subtitles Changed How I Watch TV

  1. I'm a terrible listener with visual stimulation. So I'm great at listening to podcasts but I often get distracted watching tv to listen to everything that is said.
  2. Really, I started using them so I didn't miss so much while watching Game of Thrones.
  3. Since I'm a visual learner, subtitles help keep my attention.
  4. You'd be surprised by what you miss.
  5. Hi new vocabulary with (usually) correct spelling!
  6. Once you get used to them you can't live without them.
  7. The times subtitles aren't useful is for comedy because I'll end up reading punchlines before they're said.
  8. Other than that, they're extremely helpful for shows that have people with accents, lots of dialogue, or generally confusing storylines where you must pay lots of attention.