1. President of the United States
    I was in kindergarten. It was the early 90s and female empowerment was a big deal at home.
  2. Archaeologist
    The grandparents took me to Williamsburg when I was 8. The rest is history. Bada Bing.
  3. Meteorologist
    My fear of tornadoes turned into an obsession. The Tornado Warning Day in 5th grade led to my first hand holding experience. Hey, might as well if you're going to die anyway. To this day I hate bad weather but I'm glued to Jim Cantore and Mike Bettis. Too bad math and science aren't my thing.
  4. Teacher
    My 12th grade English teacher put the thought in my head. Turns out she really did keep a flask and that wasn't just coffee she was drinking. It only took one semester of teacher Ed classes for me to see the need for the flask.
  5. Social Worker
    I just wanna help people, man.
  6. Mom
    Best and worst job, ever.