True facts
  1. The record that was suppose to come after Heavier Things in 2003 was going to be called "Jack Rabbit Surprise" and it was in the works in 2004. It never came out, and in 2005 John Mayer formed the Trio. In 2006 Continuum was released.
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  2. John Mayer 's first guitar was a Washburn Acoustic, the guitar is still in his family. He later on traded a Takamine 12 string along with a Mesa Boogie distortion pedal for a Fender Stratocaster. He also paid 900$ with the money he made from working at a gas station. That was in 1996.
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  3. The song "The Heart Of Life" started out in John Mayer's room where he locked himself up for an entire weekend before he broke the ground on it. While shopping at the supermarket, John figured out the rest of the song as he walked around the store for about an hour and a half. And he went home and finished the tune. A 3 minute song about life.
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  4. John Mayer did not write Free Fallin'
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  5. John Mayer EP "Inside Wants Out" (1999) had originally 9 tracks, after signing with Columbia Records, one song was taken away in the Re-Release. Originally, track number 8 was called "Neon 12:47 AM" and was written together with Clay Cook who John met at Berklee. Clay co wrote 5 of the original 9 tracks on JM's EP.
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