Inspired by @Dad3 A new list will be posted on Thursday with answers. Please relist and invite as many as possible to join. Also check out @Dad3's quiz lists on his site, he is currently on Level 2 with his Album quiz. This is so much fun!
  1. Album 1
    427e58f8 89c7 4161 9501 22599398ffcf
  2. Album 2
    9365d827 577b 474c a71a 75c655f94fde
  3. Album 3
    9b7af340 95d0 4727 82b1 98bb43754ed2
  4. Album 4
    6acc0894 17bb 41f2 99e3 590eb4922b71
  5. Album 5
    8f9e018c 9ce0 48e7 b151 b7dcc2c79681
  6. Album 6
    5394065c 36e9 48c8 af4f 89e4af85ab10
  7. Album 7
    D21a05c4 a61b 43fc a73c 8ae2d91c6af7
  8. Album 8
    Fb2633ee e05a 4f81 81bf 8fda8efb9cd7
  9. Album 9
    C257ef62 524e 41f2 acd0 51d20092c4a5
  10. Album 10
    01b1f225 8b79 4100 ab93 ee7f59c9f147
  11. Bonus
    5de34e68 af32 4b3b 899e ce07790e4c58