1. The various Book Riot podcasts
    A variety of bookish content. Includes the Book Riot podcast, Dear Book Nerd, Reading Lives, Get Booked, and All the Books.
  2. Literary Disco
    The funniest book podcast I know.
  3. Other People
    Rambling interviews with authors.
  4. Books on the Nightstand
    Bookish conversation and recommendations.
  5. Bookrageous
    Bookish conversation and enthusiasm.
  6. Lit Up
    Conversations with authors, very often women.
  7. The Readers
    Fun book chat.
  8. Slate's Audio Book Club
    Once a month smart, in-depth conversation on one title.
  9. So Many Damn Books
    Two guys talking about their reading, with some in-depth discussions.
  10. Book Fight
    Two writers talk books, writing, sometimes teaching.
  11. A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment
    Jess Walter and Sherman Alexie.
  12. The Virtual Memories Podcast
    Author interviews.
  13. KCRW's Bookworm
    Author interviews
  14. Late Night Library
    Various bookish content focused on small presses.
  15. Three Percent
    Bookish conversation focused on books in translation.
  16. Shipping and Handling
    Two literary agents talk about books and their jobs.