That thing on goodreads where you challenge yourself to read a certain number of books a year.
  1. I love challenges and numbers and keeping track!
  2. But I hate the feeling of books as just numbers, items in a list, to be checked off.
  3. If I set myself a goal, I really mean it. I'm going to get through this thing.
  4. But what about reading bits and pieces of books? Anthologies partly read, short stories and essays in magazines, books half finished? How do I account for that?
  5. Must read more. I want to read more. The challenge will help me with this.
  6. What about this graphic novel that took me an hour to read, should that count? Of course it should! But, really?
  7. I'm seeing everyone else's challenges and numbers and my numbers are too low. I'm a terrible reader.
  8. Ah, I'm two books ahead of schedule. Yay, me!!
  9. I can hardly remember anything I read. Maybe I shouldn't rush through books just to meet this stupid challenge.
  10. I'm never doing this thing again. It's not worth it! Reading is about enjoying books, not counting them. Who cares how many you read as long as you are learning from them.
  11. But ... everyone else is doing it and it's so fun.
  12. Next time I'll set an unreasonably low number, just to have the pleasure of finishing it.
  13. Nope, not doing it again, ever.
  14. Probably not doing it again ever. We'll see.