My Destroyer binge might never end so I will start this list (that is by no means definitive but is where I'm at right now) and keep revising it with time
  1. Rubies
    It feels like an entire novel. It may be the definitive "Destroyer" track. This song alone will get you pretty drunk if you're doing the destroyer drinking game. It's mean, snarky, funny, intimate, and sexy. The lyrics ramble and stumble upon themselves as the music tries to catch up, making the entire thing feel urgent and necessary. Stellar. 10/10.
  2. Bay of Pigs
    Characters come in and out. Jackie, Nance, Christine- they all torture and confuse the narrator as he is either throwing up in an English garden or ripped on dope. The stories wrap around each other, and then with the peaks of texture and groove. It ends with what could be THE sexiest line "the wind through the trees makes you mental/for me"
  3. It's Gonna Take An Airplane
    A solid, tight hook that doesn't immediately feel like a hook. Pop perfection. It's funny and sexy and biting as all the best Destroyer tracks are. Concise and layered, organic despite the midi sound. Amazing. Can't get enough.
  4. Streethawk II
    What I feel is his most honest, longing song. Gorgeous. Not nearly long enough.
  5. Bangkok
    Hey what's got into Sunny? According to Dan this is purely character based. This is one of those tracks where it really does feel like you can see what he's singing about. Obviously I'm obsessed. If I'm being real, 100% of the time I'm just thinking about fucking him.
  6. Foam Hands
    Surreal and somehow affecting. You don't know exactly who or what you empathize with but that's exactly what's happening. "I didn't know what time it was at all."
  7. European Oils
    Like heaps of luxurious fabric in rich wine tones. Extravagant and drunken, ambitious with rage and passion. Like a really sexy lecture on medieval Europe.
  8. Suicide Demo For Kara Walker
    Reams and reams and reams of lyrics that fucking suffocate you. He also sounds hot in this one even though you can't really be like "ugh so fucking sexy" when he's singing about racism and other very sad things in such a detached way. I mean you can but its kinda gross. I think that's the point. He really sells it.
  9. New Ways of Living
    Exhilarating and triumphant. It feels like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and of course it's very sensual.
  10. Looter's Follies
    Probably my ideal karaoke song. So much drama and personality. To me it sounds like what I imagine Mannerist paintings would sound like. I can't explain my thoughts but Dan singing "I SWEAR LOOTER'S FOLLIES HAS NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD!" is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.