1. I am turning 24 in less than two weeks
  2. So, I'm making a bucket list of 25 things to do before I turn 25
  3. I know that's a lot
  4. But, I figure if I set my goals high, I will accomplish some if not most of the list
  5. The goal really is all of them tho
  6. The list is still ~under construction~
  7. So if you have suggestions let me know!
  8. 1. MOVE OUT
    I've been living with my parents since I got out of grad school. Time to move on out!
  9. 2. Lane change at my job
    This basically means earning 15 college credits to make a little more money. This is a lofty goal.
  10. 3. Volunteer abroad
    No details on this yet but I've always wanted to
  11. 4. Create a capsule wardrobe
    I have WAY too many clothes
  12. 5. Go on a solo trip ✔️
    9 days solo in Iceland!
  13. 6. Visit three new US cities
    Two down one to go! Maybe Savannah?
  14. Chicago ✔️
  15. Nashville ✔️
  16. 7. Dye my hair ✔️
    I just did this.. Is that cheating?
  17. 8. Start a retirement savings
    Self explanatory
  18. 9. Run a 5k
    Something I've never done and want to, but I need to prepare
  19. 10. Try one month of being vegetarian
    It will be hard but it's something I have been considering for awhile. This is kind of a trial run. Aiming for October.
  20. 11. Try 25 great restaurants
    FOOD! Need to create this list
  21. 12. Read 25 books.
    Some deliberately, some as they come along.
  22. 13. Begin meditating weekly
    I need this in my life. I might take myself on a meditation retreat if I keep it up.
  23. 14. See a Broadway show
    If only it could be Hamilton...
  24. 15. Plan a trip with my mom!
    We need some quality time
  25. 16. Go on a road trip
    Another lofty goal... Need time and a destination!
  26. 17. Learn to cook 25 great dishes
    I'm a pretty good cook, but I am looking for those essential dishes I should know! List to come
  27. 18. Watch all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees
    I've been close before!
  28. 19. Go camping
    Never been!
  29. 20. Watch 25 essential movies
    I have a lot of lists to make 😁
  30. 21. Start a regular journal
    Just began a bullet journal and loving it
  31. 22. Get in shape
    Needs to happen
  32. 23. Take myself on one date a month
    We all need self love
  33. 24. Climb a mountain!
    Or a hill. This one is scary.
  34. 25. Learn about wine and/or beer
    How does one even do this? I know I like to drink it....
  35. There you go! Already going on some of these. I guess we'll see what happens in a year 🙃