I'm a teacher and therefore don't have a regular work schedule in the summer. I've also put a little money from each of my paychecks this year (plus tax returns) into my savings to do some travel ☀️✈️ I'm hoping to do a few of these trips this summer... Also hoping that my friends will be able to join me but I'm not opposed to trying a solo trip!
  1. Chicago
    Some of my favorite people ever have spent time in Chicago- Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, JLD, Michelle Obama. I've never been and flights from Boston are super cheap. Pros: has its own style of pizza, amazing architecture, second city comedy, too cold to go in the winter.
  2. New Orleans
    A few of my friends have gone in the past couple of years and loved it. I've never been this far south, except Florida but that doesn't really count. Pros: street drinking, phenomenal music, high chance of parades, beignets.
  3. Quebec City
    I have never been to Canada and I feel like this is such an obvious trip. The drive is about 5.5 hours, so no need to fly. My friends who don't have as much moolah could make this work. Pros: European vibe, castles, friendly people, not the US, delicious cheese and other foods I assume.
  4. Portland, Maine
    This is a pretty obvious trip for me as well. My nana has a cottage in the bay so I take the boat from here every summer. I went in December to stay for the first time. It was so fun but also chilly. It would be good to go again in the summer for a long weekend. Pros: 2 hour drive, brown butter lobster rolls, breweries, lighthouses, Casco Bay Islands.
  5. Nashville
    Another place where some of my friends have gone recently, and I have travel jealousy. I feel like it has been in a lot of my newsfeeds lately. Pros: southern food (biscuits, hot chicken), excellent music, bourbon tours, Parthenon reconstruction. As I wrote this a KFC hot chicken commercial came on. V unappealing but shows how Nashville is everywhere.
  6. Austin
    TEXAS. My friends sister lives here and I was supposed to go w her a couple years ago but couldn't bc of my grad school schedule. Austin seems like a v fun place full of tacos and margaritas which are the o my pros I need.
  7. DC
    Washington, DC is somewhere I haven't been since I was in sixth grade. And now I teach sixth grade. I owe it to my tiny Girl Scout self to go and see those museums and monuments again. Pros: history (duh), see the capital again before its destroyed in a political battle to the death, pretend to be a gladiator.
  8. Newport, RI
    Another day trip. I'm adding these in to force myself to go (and force myself to force my friends to go with me. I am bad at making plans). This would be fun and full of beaches and drinks. More pros would be the mansions which I love. And pretending I'm preppy for a day. Possibly get tickets to the Newport Folk festival. I romanticize Newport bc of the Kennedys.
  9. Martha's Vineyard
    This is another easy day/weekend trip which is likely to happen. I haven't been here since I was a senior in high school and I really would love to go back. Seems ridiculous that I haven't been again. Let's all assume this one is happening. Pros: close, beaches, mopeds, my friends could actually go for sure.
  10. California
    This is kind of a last minute add bc I've been thinking a lot about California lately. My last big trip was to SF and I loved it so much. I would go somewhere else in California if I go. Pros: it's CA. This is the least likely place I will go bc of flight prices and I've actually been here. But I could always go so it makes the list.
  11. Florida
    My cousins live here so if I go it would be to visit them. Pros: family, sun, beaches. This is a last minute add too but my sister wants to go. So, I might really be going.
  12. Help an indecisive girl out! Comments and suggestions wanted and needed