Here are some of the best minions tattoos I was able to find (in no particular order). Please feel free to ➕➕➕ your own!
  1. Minions Butt Tattoo
    Takes a special kind of lady to get a minions tattoo on her ass. Aka- my kinda lady.
  2. Drunk Minion Tattoo #1
    I noticed a lot of tattoos featuring minions drinking alcohol. Not ok guys they def don't drink! Let's keep it PG
  3. Drunk Minion Tattoo #2
    See above
  4. Golfing Minion Tattoo
    The guy who loves minions and gold both equally enough to combine them and get that resulting combination tattooed on his body? Probably a pretty cool guy.
  5. Big Bang Theory / Minions Tattoo Mash-Up
  6. Minion Finger Tattoo
    Classy, feminine, understated.
  7. Classic Minion Tattoo
    Pretty boring actually
  8. Terminator / Minion Mash-Up Tattoo
    What is it with people and minion mash-up tattoos?
  9. Buzz Lightyear / Minion Mash-Up Tatttoo
    See what I mean?!
  10. Black and White Minion Tattoo
    When you're getting a minion tattooed on your body permanently, just get full color. Why are u tryna be classy rn bro?
  11. Minions Sleeve
    This sends a chill down my spine. The non-sexual kind of chill.
  12. Photo-Realistic Minion Tattoo
  13. Minions "Whaaaa" tattoo
    It's like this tattoo is talking to the guy who got the tattoo! "WHAAAA DID YOU DO TO YOUR BODY?"
  14. Minion at Work Tattoo
    Sure, your minion tattoo might be going to work, but ironically this tattoo makes you virtually unemployable
  15. Minions Totem Pole Tattoo
    This is an impressive amount of skin real estate to commit to getting a tattoo of minions doing a fun totem pole.