1. Kelsey Grammer
    You can not deny the sexual power of Fraser-era Kelsey Grammer. Also it's a low key FACT that Kelsey had a huge weed problem in the 90's and that's pretty hot.
  2. Arthur from the animated children's TV show "Arthur"
    I don't care if it makes me an aardvark pedophile -- Arthur clearly seemed like he was gonna grow up into an intelligent, responsible, family oriented dude. Totally crushable.
  3. Fat Bill Clinton
    Does anyone else fantasize about going back in time to the 90's and having sweaty, McDonald's-fueled sex with fat Slick Willy?
  4. Howard Stern
    I am truly, madly, deeply in love with Howard Stern. Number 1 dreambae 4ever!!!!!
  5. Dr. Phil / Steve Harvey
    My dream is to have a threesome with both of them-- I have no interest in having sexual relationships with either if the other is not present.
  6. Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs
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    I don't feel like this needs an explanation.