I'm obsessed with Baby Grinch from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." If you're in the know, you can refer to him as BB Grinch. Remember-- #BabyGrinchIsLife. cc: @jeffstern
  1. BB Grinch likes to #BlazeIt420
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  2. He has a playful irreverence to him
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  3. But also-- a certain innocence
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  4. Further evidence re: #blazingit420
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  5. Love his sense of childlike wonder
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  6. Just cause he's a BB grinch doesn't mean he can't command respect
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  7. The eyes of BB grinch are the window to the soul of the BB Grinch.
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  8. Bonus preteen Grinch. Does not qualify as a proper BB Grinch but adorable nonetheless.
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