Baring my nerdity to the world.
  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    Mom and I would sing along to the lyricless theme song with chipmunk noises (Meeep, chip, meepity meep chip!) and talk about which Starfleet officer we wanted to marry (Picard for her; Riker, and then later Crusher, for me).
  2. Fawlty Towers.
    This show has nearly killed us with laughter on several occasions. Baa-SIL!
  3. Poirot.
    I remember very little about this show, except we watched it.
  4. Star Wars.
    Ok, not a show, but we watched it on TV so it counts. Yes, I grew up both a Trek AND Wars nerd. I am bigeekual.
  5. Alien (Aliens, Alien 3)
    Again, saw them at home. I was waaaay too young to see these films, thanks to my now estranged father. Many nightmares, to this day. Still love em tho!
  6. Heritage Minutes.
    But every kid in Canada can say that.
  7. She-Ra, Princess of Power
    This was really my thing but mom would hang with me and watch a bit when we put in the VHS from the video rental spot in the local grocery store.
  8. But really, I didn't have much TV exposure in my youth, and went without cable for over 15 years.
    It wasn't until I moved in with my now-husband that I got cable in the house again. It and Netflix have changed my life a bit.
  9. And now I get my mom hooked on shows like Grey's Anatomy, Doctor Who, and Orphan Black so we can watch them together and I can watch her mind be blown.
    Or watch her yell and shake her fist at the TV, in some cases.