1. Facebook isn't cool anymore
  2. Every single adult in your life who was in charge of multiple children had favorites and they probably weren't you
  3. Adult men can have the exact same level of maturity as 13 year old girls
  4. Middle schools have a lot of thoughts about rape now
  5. The rich ones are very concerned with their mental health
  6. They make amazing art
  7. If you yell SOMEONE FRENCH BRAID MY HAIR at a summer camp, someone will French braid your hair
  8. I look amazing with French braids
  9. They will get very invested in your love life and are terrible at guessing who you're actually hooking up with
  10. It is possible to legitimately hate a child
  11. It is also possible to see a group of children eating starbursts and to feel so much love for them that you start crying and they get very confused and concerned and you have to pretend a bug flew in your eye