14 years ago

14 years ago I fell down some stairs and here is what happened
  1. my mum wouldn't let me go to the doctor because we didn't have insurance
  2. my sister found out that my school's insurance would pay for everything as the accident occurred on my way back home from school
  3. still, I got to the doctor much too late (like a week maybe?! I blocked a lot of things out...)
  4. so I had a laceration of the capsule and a torn ligament in my right ankle
  5. and although I got a cast and physiotherapy and everything, it is chronic
  6. I will have problems with my ankle until I get an operation
    which lol no
  7. so two weeks ago I snapped my left ankle
  8. it wasn't as bad as back then
    as in it didn't look like someone shoved a tennis ball inside my ankle
  9. so I wasn't worried and just waited
  10. one day of not being able to walk properly and one day of limping
  11. but now it is back
  12. and at least golf ball fat
  13. 😐
  14. in order to rest my left ankle I was balancing more on my right one today
  15. and now both are fat
  16. I guess I need to go to the doctor
  17. 😐🙄
  18. very angry with myself, tbh