1. eggs
    give a weird feeling on my face skin and just think about what it is...
  2. any meat, but especially cured meat like prosciutto and salami
  3. sauces I did not make myself
  4. sweet dairy things
    like whipped cream or ice cream
  5. milk in general
    not a fan. no real reason for it though.
  6. Parmesan
    again, when I think about how it is made
  7. any takeaway
    I don't know how clean the kitchen is and do you know when every once in a while, random flakes of skin can fall off you? this can happen to cooks, too 😷
  8. mc donalds
    which I only have like once or twice a year but I really love the taste, who k ones why. still gross.
  9. shrimp
  10. Apple sauce
    this one pains me. I adore apple sauce but I once had a teacher who told us that in the big factories where Apple sauce is made, the apples are ground up and cooked but like there are also birds there and ground up as well? I realise writing this down that it is absolutely mental but it scarred me for life. Apple sauce dis one of my favourite things in the world (there is an apple mango one😍) but remembering this makes me stop eating it immediately
  11. anything from a tin
    yes, baked beans are delicious but THEY'VE BEEN / COUL BE IN THERE FOR SO LONG