i've seen the episodes a thousand times and I just started watching again (season 4/5).! I have a love/hate relationship with that show.
  1. I want to make a super cut of all the times someone is secretly eavesdropping on someone
  2. blake lively knows no emotions
  3. liz hurley's english accent sounds fake
  4. I'm amazed by how on the pulse of pop culture this show is every time I watch it
    sleep no more✔️ ucb✔️ mcnally✔️ veselka✔️ crazy.
  5. so many guest stars/celebrity appearances
    especially by seriously cool people. sonic youth!
  6. the story lines are so bad
    I'll never stop loving this show
  7. the person who's gossip girl being gossip girl makes literally no sense
  8. Giphy