1. should I warn someone about a toxic person?
    the person to be warned is slightly younger than me and I can see her falling into similar trappings as me years ago by someone older and, most importantly, married. he is doing the exact same thing with her. I am not her biggest fan, however. is that cause she reminds me of myself?
  2. I feel like i missed out by not watching golden girls
    there is no way I'll be watching golden girls now, tho
  3. are spider bites a real thing?
  4. I'm sick and off work but need to structure my day as I want to make the most of my situation
    as I had stomach issues, I think I'm gonna try introducing dairy again today. then it's a couple of hours of watching shows (unreal, odd mom out and difficult people) and then I'll probably read (let the great world spin).
  5. i need to wash my hair today because I really want to go back to work and don't want everyone to know that I've been a slob while off.