1. the list in question only consists of two bullet points
  2. it is not witty, funny or intelligent.
    it just states facts. two facts.
  3. why this list?
    I guess people love happy news and want to believe in love?
  4. also my sequinned gold bolero in the picture is killer.
    and let's not forget my handsome HUSBAND (still weird to write or say this) and my beautiful dog.
  5. I guess I am pretty lucky.
  6. still, I wish the list would have been more substantial.
  7. I wish I had included some details about the wedding.
  8. like the fact that the night before I felt so anxious I thought I had the stomach flu.
    I thought the wedding had to be cancelled because the bride was sick in bed.
  9. or how perfect the ceremony was, officiated by two friends
    and how, in the middle of it, all my girlfriends and my sisters got up to sing "Let There Be Love" by Oasis.
  10. or how bittersweet it was that my dad couldn't be there.
    but that craig's dad held a speech in which he mentioned my dad, called me his daughter and told me he was proud.
  11. or how finally I was at a party where I knew ever single song
    because I made the playlist and paid the DJ.
  12. or how good and gourmet the food was
    but I still hardly ate.
  13. trending lists are weird.
    but thanks, guys!
  14. Giphy