1. listening to a new audiobook like Carrie Brownstein's _hunger makes me a modern girl_
  2. listening to an old audiobook that you know so well it is pure comfort, like Tina Fey's _bossypants_
  3. redecorating your current apartment in your mind
  4. imagining what to change about apartment if anything was posaible
  5. building the ideal house or apartment in your head
  6. thinking about how a meetcute with some attractive actors/writers could go
  7. imaginary dates
    I have never been on a date. they don't really exist in Germany, at least they didn't last time I was single over ten years ago
  8. taking off socks with your feet
    does anyone else love this as much as I do? SO satisfying
  9. planning meals
  10. meditation to aid falling asleep
  11. sex
  12. talk till you drift away
  13. Head scratches. These are a big part of my going to sleep routine - shout out to my sainted fiancé.
    Suggested by @avecsarah