1. what now??????
  2. what is going on????
  3. why would his nephew lie though????
    oh, I see
  4. this is terrible
    so tragic and sad
  5. you know when people ask you what you would wish for if you had three wishes?
    I've been saying for years that I would love to know stuff like: who killed JFK? hat really happened to Marilyn Monroe? is Andy Kaufman really dead? and as of recently (last year): who killed Hae Min Lee? Is Steven Avery guilty?
  6. how much is the American education system at fault?
  7. how much is society at fault?
  8. can I please work at the Innocence Project?
  9. How is everyone related?
  10. is this how interrogations work? I'm scared that this going on all over the world
  11. I wish justice was real
    please hold me