a day in the life of a curly girl

this is the first time in 4ish years that i've had long enough hair to care for. I perfected my winter routine but now summer is creeping up and my hair looks like this:
  1. so sad. so limp.
    #iwokeuplikethis. last time i cowashed was Sunday. last shampoo was a week and half ago? maybe 2 and half.
  2. Thursday is another wash day (or at least get your hair wet day)
  3. first things first: detangling.
    RIP fallen homies. since I don't typically brush my hair, this is when brushing happens. I run my hands and a wide tooth comb through my hair and get rid of shed hairs and collect them on the wall so they don't go down the drain.
  4. every curly girl's (or guy's) best friend: conditioner
    I avoid using shampoo for as long as possible. in winter that can be up to a month between shampoos. anyways. these are the two I used today.
  5. cleansing conditioner
    this is my go-to cowash (but on a special occasion i will use my Shea moisture cowash bc that shit is liquid gold in terms of price). i use this on my roots to get rid of product build up from the week/s.
  6. other conditioner
    big sexy hair sulfate-free conditioner. this just goes on my ends. I am not completely sulfate-free (sulfate tends to be bad for curls) but i do try to keep my conditioners sulfate-free since they are my most used products.
  7. 🚿 as usual
  8. washing out: squish 2 condish method
    flip head/hair over and squish water into my hair until it stops dripping.
  9. post shower
  10. squish out excess liquid then put hair up in a towel
    I prefer the turbie twist (altho it takes my hair 5ever to dry) bc it's a microfiber that keeps curls from frizzing up. i keep my hair up for as long as possible in this. but at least 30 minutes bc i don't like putting product on super wet hair.
  11. after two hours in the towel
    still wetter than usual but i have go out in a little bit so I want to get my hair done and out of the way
  12. leave in conditioner
    life changing for when I moved to the desert. I'm using the small bottle but it's the carol daughter's brand. flip hair over and spray all over.
  13. curl creme
  14. about this much
    rub between hands and scrunch into hair.
  15. after product
    looking a bit more defined. but still heavy from being wet.
  16. pineapple
    to let my hair finish drying, i pineappled it. this helps the curls dry in their natural state without getting crushed in the day to day life. a lot of curly folks slept with their curls up like this so they don't get crushed while you sleep. I should be better about pineappleing at night 🤐
  17. usually I just put my hair up in buns
    but it definitely changes how my curls dry and creates a stubborn middle part that I don't feel like dealing with today.
  18. 4.5 hrs later
    completely dry
  19. curls take some manteince but boy do I love them