allow me to listroduce myself

my name is tyler. and yes that's my real name that my parents gave their first born daughter.
  1. I'm 23 (24 in july)
  2. born in south carolina, raised in virginia.
    southern by the grace of God.
  3. I'm not actually not religious at all.
    but I still listen to a lot of religious/Christian ~hardcore bands from my time as a religious person (as cities burn, mewithoutyou, la dispute, etc etc)
  4. currently live in colorado with my husband, 2 cats, and dog.
  5. I crochet and knit. I also do a lil dabbling with ceramics and sewing.
  6. I'm trying to read 100 books this year.
    I dont work and i graduated college 2 years ago so try to keep my brain active by reading. but they aren't all stunning works of literature tho. vc andrews is my weakness.
  7. I got my college degree in geography.
    no, I do not want to be a teacher. but let's talk about residential segregation.
  8. i am super into the bullet journal system
    it seems to help my anxiety disorder to have a place to plan but also a place that I can dump all my sad anxious thoughts.
  9. Thomas Jefferson is my favorite founding father
    probably because I grew up an hour south of Monticello and went there so many times as a child.
  10. I am currently obsessed with Hamilton
    who isn't, amirite?
  11. feel free to ask anything if you feel so inclined.