I started watched Grey's anatomy for the first time, I just finished episode 12 of season 2. here are my thoughts
  1. Dr. Miranda Bailey
    by far my favorite character. so snappy and sarcastic, kinda mean but not in a hateful way. from the first episode I loved her and it's only grown stronger. I made my husband look her up to see how long she'd be around so I could avoid spoilers because i was afraid shonda killed her off and i would be devastated.
  2. Dr. Cristina Yang
    anti-social but funny. sarcastic and funny. her relationship with Burke gives me a lot of feels because they seem so opposite. also her apartment would totally be mine if i lived alone 🙊💩
  3. Dr. Addison Shepard
    I really like Addy quite a bit even if she's a cheater. she's smart and i think she's trying to make it work with Derek and he's been a lil shit (more on it later). I'm not really sure how long she's gonna stick around but i hope at least the rest of season 2.
  4. Dr. Preston Burke
    izzie and Preston were jostling for this position but i went with Burke bc he never really gets on my nerves (or he hasn't yet). i love his relationship with Cristina. him reading "exposing judaism" when he found out she was ~Jewish gave me a lot of feels. also him and issue cooking thanksgiving was pretty great.
  5. Dr. izzie Stevens
    alrite. izzie. I have a lot of mixed feelings about izzie. in general, I lean towards liking izzie. I think her background working as a model to pay for med school is really interesting. I know a lot of people hate on Katherine Heigl but i don't really have an issue with her. however her reaction to people being nice to Alex after he "cheated" on her is super irritating and sometimes she just gets overly emotional about small things in a way that irritates me.
  6. Dr. George O'Malley
    Alright. the next three are pretty much tied in my book. O'Malley is fine enough but i find him kind of boring? but there are quite a few times where he has really made me laugh. him being the sponge for the chief when he got brain surgery was amusing. but overall, I can take or leave O'Malley.
  7. Dr. Alex Karev
    he obviously is super full of himself which can be annoying. but him failing his boards endeared him to me, but the way he was feeling so miserable about it (yet still being named ass) was not as endearing. I feel like it's one step forward, two steps back with Alex.
  8. Dr. Derek Shepard
    Alright. this lil shit. at first I really liked him. I thought he was nice enough. sweet and funny then when Addison came back, i started being annoyed. first the way he left Meredith dangling for awhile was annoying and then he "chose" Addy yet treats her like garbage. and it annoys me greatly. I would like him a lot more if he wasn't so broody atm
  9. Dr. Meredith Grey
    I find Meredith to be so nerve wracking. when she was with Shepard, she made it hard for me to cheer them on as a couple bc she is so...blah? i want to cheer him and Addison on but he's being a turd about it. sometimes i find her to be so emo and whiney and wish this show was about someone else lol. however there were a few moments that stuck out to me: her walking around the hospital with a severed penis all day; i liked her the most when she was yelling at Derek while scrubbing up with alex