shows my SO should play in their entirety if I'm ever in a full body cast

inspired by @eyeofthekatrina
  1. criminal minds
    I have a huge spreadsheet breaking down the deaths and violence of the show. so uh... yeah. I'm going to need this to be played for me.
  2. Gilmore girls (with correlating Gilmore guys episodes)
    I will also be belting the theme song with every episode.
  3. bob's burgers
    plz put my Louise hat on for me while I watch it
  4. Gavin and stacey
    during the Christmas season bc we always watch it on Christmas.
  5. Peep show
  6. Cuckoo
    I love British comedies what can I say? plus you can watch an entire series in one day bc they are as long as one American season.
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    I'll need that sunny optimism to survive
  8. parks and rec
    Andy was once in this same predicament.
  9. bridezillas
    I will need a good dash of reality TV. laughing at people who are still somehow worse off than me.