this is in no way to make this issue about me but instead to show how far reaching violence in the country can be and how we continue to do nothing.
  1. Virginia Tech massacre (2007)
    this is the first one I truly remember. I grew up in virginia. I was a freshman in high school. a lot of people I knew wanted to go to tech. or at least rooted for them in football. my best friends family were a big tech family and if I remember correctly their oldest daughter was still attending tech at the time. however, my cousin was also attending tech at the time. I remember a couple years later she showed me this memory box she made about that day she lived through.
  2. fort hood (2009)
    still in high school but starting to develop more political ideas (very separate from what I grew up with and around) and i remember thinking "what is this world coming to" and really starting to believe we needed better gun safety laws.
  3. Aurora movie theatre shooting (2012)
    I remember constantly checking the reddit thread about it constantly. I spent a lot of hours reading the news reports etc. in retrospect, i wish i hadn't. this is was mass violence has become in America. entertainment. I live in colorado now and sometimes when I step into a movie theatre, i think about James Holmes and panic. I look for the exits.
  4. Sandy hook (2012)
    I remember barely even having the energy to muster up to really even care THAT much. sometime time between Aurora and sandy hook i really started to cement my belief that nobody should own guns. and thus I was obviously sad about sandy hook but i had wasted all my energy on James Holmes just a few months before. however the longer time passes since sandy hook, the more upset I am. we let children die in their school and still have done nothing about gun control. nothing.
  5. Halloween shooting (2015)
    a man walked through my city and shot and killed 3 people. he then got in a shootout 2 blocks from my house and was killed by the police. a women called 911 before he killed anyone and said their was a man walking around with a gun and a gasoline can and the operator told her "colorado is an open carry state". the first time I walked through the area he traveled, i had to stop and catch my breath bc i was starting to have a panic attack. he made part of my neighborhood feel unsafe.
  6. planned parenthood shooting (2015)
    one month later, 5 miles from my house, and man gets into an hours long shoot off with the police in my planned parenthood. he kills 3 people. months later I went back to that planned parenthood (not fully reopened) with the front of the building no longer there bc i thought i found a lump in my breast and didn't know where else to go. I cried in the parking lot bc i saw a man in the fenced in parking lot with a gun. he was just security. I needed to come back the next week and (continue)
  7. planned parenthood shooting (2015)
    even though they were completely booked - bc they had been closed for 4 months and we're not at full capacity - they still managed to squeeze me bc they didn't want my heath to fall to the wayside.
  8. Orlando (2016)
    I have gotten upset over a lot of things between planned parenthood and yesterday. I am most angry to have lived to see 2 different events take over as the "deadliest mass shooting in American history". this isnt a title that we should be vying for. I have read so many of my lgbt friends written moving tributes and posts about how this has affected them and what gay clubs mean to the community. and i realized yesterday that i'm just resigned to the fact that this will keep happening in America.
  9. Orlando (2015)
    we continue to allow people to traumatize America as a whole but also the disadvantaged, minorities, the young, the unprotected, women, are also being targeted and traumatized constantly.