I love good news!
  1. My blog has grown from 1,230 monthly views back in June, to 2,480 this October!
    I know that's no mass audience or anything. But I love to blog, and I really love getting to interact with that community.
  2. The difference between identical twins, fraternal twins, and the "third-twin" type.
    Okay so, IDENTICAL: One single egg splits into two separate eggs, then gets fertilized by one sperm. FRATERNAL: Two completely separate eggs (future humans) are fertilized by two separate sperm. THE THIRD-TWIN TYPE: (the unofficial theory still disputed by medical experts opinion) When one single egg splits into two separate eggs and then each half becomes fertilized by two separate sperm. Bam 💥
  3. There's a place in the Netherlands called Madurodam, where you can walk this huge park filled with 1:25 scaled miniature replicas of famous Dutch landmarks.
  4. The inventor of 5-Hour Energy wants to save the world. He's donated 90% of his fortune to fund this insane science research center where they work on inventions that will potentially alleviate some of the major environmental issues we face today.