1. When The Biebs grammed his latest tattoo I thought it looked a little familiar.
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    100% convinced that Justin Bieber was inspired by Morgan Tookers. @IkeBarinholtz @mindy
  2. This is an alpaca I met in the Sacred Valley in Peru.
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    There's a thing on Instagram called #llamalunes and it's my favorite.
  3. Yes I want this for my future.
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    Whatsapp saves the pictures people send you to your camera roll and this is why I love my friends.
  4. Here's my abuela and her bffs.
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    They're incredible.
  5. This one gets me.
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    We call him Toupe Dog.
  6. Here's me and my sister in Ecuador at some hot springs.
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    They make you wear these bathing caps and it is an incredibly bonding experience. The Swiss know how to do it.
  7. This is Shalom.
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    Sometimes he actually poses for me.
  8. Just gonna leave this one here.
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