1. I showed up second semester to be an RA in the Arts Village at NC State.
  2. It was a co-ed hall style residence hall.
  3. I was required to do community involvement programs with my residents.
  4. One of mine was called Everyone Poops.
  5. I read the book of the same title.
  6. We asked questions about peoples pooping habits that were written on a roll of toilet paper.
  7. I made brownies and shaped them like poops and inserted candy corns in them.
  8. Fiber one bars and prune juice were amongst some of the other snacks provided.
  9. I was/still am incredibly weird.
  10. People loved it and the whole thing really bonded us.
  11. I also made a lot of crafty door tags for people.
  12. Looking back, I'm incredibly ashamed.
  13. Too much glitter was used.
  14. That was when I met @ijeoma.
  15. She lived at the end of the hall with a saint of a roommate.
  16. Their room was always too cold and @ijeoma was never appropriately clothed for her hatred of the supposedly low temperature.
    In reality it wasn't that cold. Ijeoma is just petty AF 😘
  17. Once she woke me up at 3 am to inform me of how cold her room was.
  18. There was other random roommate drama, which I can't clearly recall.
  19. But the creme de la creme of the whole semester happened during exam week.
  20. This guy had been doing coke and living a pretty intense party lifestyle.
  21. He also had a lot of emotional and mental stuff going on.
  22. He'd disappear for days at a time and come back completely out of it.
  23. Sometimes I'd talk with him and he'd be way chill and other times he'd get really angry and emotional.
  24. One night he came back from a drag show in which he was playing Amy Winehouse
    He really looked like her!
  25. He was obviously under the influence of some stuff, but we weren't really sure of what.
  26. I'm not positive of how it happened because I showed up on the middle of it
  27. But apparently he groped another student who didn't want to be groped.
  28. So the gropee kind of ran away and got out of the situation, but a bit abruptly.
  29. The subject in question ran down to his friend's room and cried to her about his rejection and some other issues that were going on.
  30. Somehow that situation turned sour and he started choking this girl(his friend).
  31. Either she or someone else called the cops and our resident director.
  32. My residents were barricaded in one of the girls' rooms.
  33. That's how I found them.
  34. They were so scared.
  35. They ended up arresting the kid because he was coked up and drunk and underaged.
  36. It was a huge ordeal, but everyone survived.
  37. Scarred, but ok.
  38. It was the only big thing that really happened that semester and boy am I thankful.