My family and I are staying with my dad's parents in a retirement community outside Orlando for the weekend. It's a joy of my life, but sleepovers aren't my favs.
  1. I sleep squished against the wall.
    My sister and I are sharing a full sized futon for the weekend.
  2. Only half of my body is covered with a sheet because I am hot.
    Placing my leg against the cold wall assists me in my search for coolness.
  3. My sister likes to pillow talk, but with intense conversations about her fiancé and their marriage.
  4. I'm starting Sophie's Choice and I already feel torn about reading this book.
  5. I feel as though every move I make will keep my sister from falling asleep.
  6. Sharing a bed is not something I enjoy.
  7. Also sometimes I just need some introverted time.
  8. Nonetheless- here we are. In bed. Trying to sleep comfortably.
  9. Inevitably, I will wake up because one of my earplugs falls out.
    I have small ears, but big ear canals?