I don't spend as much time in the actual airport as people assume I do. I've also learned that I don't really like most domestic airports. Thank you for opening my eyes @ijeoma.
  1. DTW- Detroit, Michigan
    Open, quiet, logical, good airtrain situation, so many food options, and Delta has a crew lounge
  2. DCA- Washington National
    Beautiful entry area between check in and security. The gates are close together. Also they have a Cava Mezze in the terminal.
  3. RDU- Raleigh- Durham International
    Aesthetically pleasant, Starbucks before and after security, home
  4. ATL- Atlanta's Hartsfield- Jackson
    People throw so much shade at this airport, but I like it. The air train keeps you you from having to walk so so far. There is a Popeyes, a Chick-fil-A, a Bojangles, and a Chipotle so my belly is always happy to go through Atlanta. You can find a quiet spot if you look long enough, even though it's the world's busiest airport.
  5. PDX- Portland, OR
    Beautiful arrivals and departures area, good restaurants, and tax free Nike and Columbia stores at which I get an airline employee discount.
  6. MSP- Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
    This is the most confusing airport I know. I'm only a fan because they have this restaurant that has great soup and grilled cheese made of Ezekiel bread and also because the crew lounge is dark and quiet and the best place to nap on a 4 hr sit.