LOL at the term Hollywood hunks, but y'all know what I mean.
  1. Tom Welling
    You stole my heart in Cheaper by the Dozen and Smallville. Your smile is captivating. The world needs it to make an appearance. Where are you, Tom? Come back to us.
  2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    I don't remember the first time I encountered you because you were literally everywhere in the 90s. Return to us, JTT. The world needs you still. Your looks have not faded, so don't worry about that. You can 100% still get it.
  3. Erik Von Detten
    Your douche level in Princess Diaries caused me physical pain for Mia Thermopolis. On the other hand, you were so vulnerable in Brink that I couldn't help but be filled with hearteyes. Where you at, boo?