AKA: 🙌🏽✈️🌎
  1. I had no idea where my life was headed, but knew that I loved to fly and I loved to make people smile.
  2. My mom was a flight attendant for ten years.
  3. One of her friends from the airline told me they were hiring a new wave of flight attendants and referred me.
  4. I applied as quickly as I could and went through quite the process of online screening.
  5. The airline asked me to complete a recorded webcam interview.
  6. I wore a string of pearls, flashed my pearly whites and answered some tough questions.
  7. After a few days passed, I got a call for a phone interview.
  8. The very sweet HR lady who interviewed me invited me to Atlanta for a face to face interview!
  9. The airline planned my trip to Atlanta and worked with my availability.
  10. I flew to Atlanta, spent the night in a hotel and took a cab to the airline's headquarters.
  11. My interview started at 7:30 AM.
  12. There were about 60 candidates that were broken into a 3 groups and rotated to each aspect of the interview.
  13. My first stop was a 30 minute interview with an HR person and a current flight attendant.
    It was tough, but my personality and leadership potential shined brightly. Thankfully I got the toughest part over with!
  14. The second stop was a seminar in which a current flight attendant told us what we could anticipate from the flight attendant life with the airline.
    We got to introduce ourselves and everyone laughed at the joke I made. Points for comedy!
  15. The last round was where we asked questions about the airline.
    I did some shining in this part too!
  16. Finally I completed a "test" to make sure I could fit in the jump seat and reach the overhead compartment.
    They also checked me for visible tattoos and took my picture. This airline is intense!
  17. Once everyone was finished with everything, we reconvened and they called fourteen people to go to the back room.
  18. I was one of them.
    From my research online, I was pretty sure that this meant I got the offer, but I wasn't positive.
  19. The flight attendant in charge came in and asked why we weren't celebrating yet because we got the job.
  20. We all screamed with excitement. One girl cried.
  21. 2 of the people I met in the interview got hired with me!
    We still text. They're lovely!
  22. I didn't go that far, but I got the job. And I was all praise hands.
  23. We were then taken to fill out paperwork and take a drug test.
  24. I texted everyone who had been praying for me. They were all overjoyed.
  25. I left headquarters around 2 PM and headed straight to the airport.
  26. I got myself some chickfila and called my abuela.
    She was only mildly enthused. Classic.
  27. After arriving home and returning to normal life, the airline informed me that I'd start training on February 8, 2016.
  28. I'll be spending 7 weeks in Atlanta to learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to be a flight attendant.
  29. After that, I'll be getting paid to fly through the sky in a big metal tube and I've never been more excited.
  30. Sadly, I'm not supposed to share what airline I'll be with on social media.
    But you can take a guess and I won't confirm or deny it!
  31. This is a big accomplishment, y'all.
  32. It's harder to become a flight attendant with my airline then it is to get into Harvard as an undergrad.
  33. It's crazy to think that all of this worked out so well.
  34. I genuinely believe that my entire life has lead up to this opportunity.
  35. From what I can tell, the big guy upstairs is watching out for me.
    Praise the Lord for divine providence!