Although I am happily single, I'd like to be married at some point in my life. So here's a list of what I'd appreciate about whoever I end up with.
  1. Join me in my overly passionate singing and hand-dancing in the car
    Yes I just created the word hand-dancing.
  2. Happily pose for the millions of pictures I'll ask him to because I shamelessly #doitforthegram
  3. Not be bothered by the sound of a nail file or the smell of nail polish
  4. Be ok with me peeing while the door's open
    Sometimes I want to continue a conversation and it doesn't make sense to close the door. #judgeme
  5. Not be stressed by being in transit for a long time
    Planes, trains, and automobiles have brought me some of my fondest memories.
  6. Be accepting of my need to sometimes not shave my legs
  7. Understand my love of coffee and alone time in the mornings
    Calm mornings are the absolute best kinds.
  8. Push me to grow in faith, joy, and love
    I want to be motivated to be the best version of myself.