1. Can't finish her chipotle order so she has to take it home
    It's too good to save for later.
  2. Doesn't sweat
    Maybe I'm toxic and that's why I sweat like a frozen water bottle thawing in the summer.
  3. Stays quiet if she's unhappy
    See something (my unhappiness) say something.
  4. Looks good/presentable while working out
    I turn into a sweating tomato when I do literally anything physical.
  5. Will go hungry so people won't judge her for eating too much
    Nope. Never. I'm proud of my accomplishments.
  6. Always looks put together
    Wrinkles are real. And also I'm lazy.
  7. Can wear anything she wants and not worried about looking like a balloon
    Thanks, boobs and booty.
  8. Wears heels everyday
    Suggested by   @kate81