1. We have conversations about what books all of us are reading.
    The Little Prince is a crowd favorite.
  2. They asked me about my Frida Khalo post card because they thought she was pretty.
    They wanted to know why I used her picture as a bookmark. I told them that she didn't abide by the rules of fashion, politics, or art. They were impressed.
  3. The concern they showed for my singleness was only somewhat disconcerting.
    My younger sister's wedding has been a present topic of discussion and the girls didn't really understand if I was ok with being alone while my sister gets married. FYI- I am.
  4. I asked them what they thought about death.
    They said, "it seems nice!"
  5. We talked about what makes someone an adult.
    I think it means that you pay for your life without anyone's help. I openly admitted that I'm not an adult.
  6. I ask them about school and what they're learning.
    Kids these days are brilliant! Especially these ones. So much smartness.