This is Shalom and he's pretty cool.
  1. His side eye could kill.
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  2. He's always hungry.
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  3. His booty doesn't quit.
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  4. He wants love, but only sometimes and on his terms.
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  5. He thinks he's a tough dog.
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    When someone knocks on the door he barks like he's a guard dog. He then hides between my legs because he's actually afraid. This is who I am.
  6. He only likes to be photographed when he knows he looks good.
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  7. He doesn't love cuddling.
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  8. He loves coffee.
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    On multiple occasions he has enjoyed too much of my bulletproof coffee.
  9. He can be dramatic in rare situations.
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  10. His chest and thighs are gigantic.
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  11. He knows how to get what he wants.
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  12. He needs more sleep than the average dog.
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  13. He's incredibly curious.
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  14. He doesn't like baths.
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