Hi I'm Grace and I'll be your flight attendant because I went through 7 weeks of training and learned a lot.
  1. Being with the same 30 people all day everyday wasn't as draining as I thought it would be.
    This was impressive considering I have introverted leanings.
  2. But 12 hour days and 6 day weeks make brunch the world's greatest gift.
  3. Living in a hotel could have been worse.
  4. My training uniform made me look like a middle schooler again.
  5. Wait ok on some days I looked like a presentable adult.
    But still goofed off like a child.
  6. Publix subs and la croix kept me goin.
  7. As did our brief moments of sunshine.
  8. Like when I realized it was spring after the trees had been in bloom for 2 weeks.
  9. Making friends isn't as scary as I think it is.
  10. God blessed me with the perfect roommate.
    This is one of the rare times we held each other because neither of us are fans of physical touch.
  11. Technical Operations is awe inducing.
  12. Getting a crew ID really was as life changing as I thought it would be.
    TSA can't stop me now.
  13. That was the day we finished all our finals and we couldn't stop cheesin.
  14. And also celebrations are always necessary.
    They're even better when you're barefoot.
  15. Instructors who care about you can change your life.
  16. Getting to choose who pins your wings on you is just as special as you'd think.
    I picked my mom. She flew for Delta for 10 years and gave up the flight attendant life to raise my siblings and I.
  17. I get the chance to continue her legacy!
  18. All in all, I tried to adopt this attitude.
    Thank you, Publix Sub Line for being extra long so I could creep on this woman for inspiration.
  19. Cause now, this is my office.
  20. If y'all ever fly Delta, look for me!
    I'll be the one who's tryna get all the frolics in on her layovers.