Thanks for the request @hannahbee! I've got a really cool job and here are the reasons I'm thankful for it:
  1. Flight benefits for me
    The only thing I have to pay when I fly on my own time is international exit tax.
  2. For my mom and dad
    They also get to fly standby for free, but with lower priority than me. And they've still gonna pay the international fees.
  3. And for a travel companion of my choosing
    I chose my 18 year old brother cause he's a free bird. Also I'm a single lady and my best friend works a more conventional job so she can't take off whenever I want her to travel with me. My travel companion does have to pay taxes on all their flights, though. It's still significantly cheaper than a full fare ticket.
  4. I get to make people's travel better.
    Flying is really tough on a lot of people and I love the chance to make it a little easier.
  5. We get crew meals when we serve a meal in first class.
    A lot of companies don't provide so much good food for their employees, so thanks, Daddy Delta!
  6. And the food is delicious!
    We are provided a first class meal from one of our excellent chefs . It's not one we get to choose, but we get one and it's nice!
  7. I get to work for a company I believe in.
    And it shows in my attitude. At least I hope so!
  8. We serve Starbucks coffee on our flights.
    So that's a nice perk!
  9. I like my uniform even though it's a little constrictive.
    But Zac Posen is designing us new ones for 2017!!!
  10. I get to take people all over the world.
    Sometimes it's for a good reason and sometimes it's a difficult one, but they will have a better experience when I'm kind.
  11. I never know how my day is gonna go.
    Yesterday I was supposed to layover in Baltimore, but I ended up at the fanciest hotel in Minneapolis.