While everyone else was too obsessed with the new Star Wars trailer, I was over here falling in love with Drake all over again.
  1. Isn't this song about booty calls, not phone sex?
    On a related note: I've always wondered if the people on the phone with a call center can hear the other conversations happening.
  2. Unsure about the box he's dancing in.
  3. The red puffy jacket and timbs are present and besides that I currently have no other opinion.
  4. Is he dancing off beat?
  5. What's with the arm movements?
  6. Is he trying to swim out of this green light into the next color?
  7. Oh bless. A close up. #werkit
  8. I love a finger wag.
  9. Who are these women with the bootays?
  10. They're gettin it in slow motion.
  11. Oh, Drake, that head bobble just gets me.
  12. I'm loving the arm movements.
  13. He's just slowing stepping kind of to the beat in a circle and I love it.
  14. Why is he wearing a motorcycle jacket? There is no motorcycle to be found.
  15. I love the back up dancers' outfits and would wear them irl.
  16. How come when I dance in the club like Drake does in this video people don't know what to do?
  17. And he dances with his phone like I do.
  18. I'm gonna keep dancing like this.
  19. And he does a lil chacha. OMG I can't.
  20. What's with him laying his head on the dancer's butt?
    Drizzy was just tryna do him I guess.
  21. It's over already?!
  22. Drake, why are you covering your hot body like a self conscious middle schooler?
  23. I'm still not entirely sure what this song is about.
  24. But it doesn't matter because I just want Drake to keep singing.