Reppin #teamiphone4 for the past 3 weeks cause I left my 6 on a bus. #blessed
  1. From what I can tell, we must have had really low expectations when the iPhone 4 came out.
  2. The phone was so slow that it made me not want to use it at all.
  3. I took 5 pictures in 3 weeks because of how bad the camera was.
  4. My social media presence was nonexistent.
  5. I relied on my computer for everything.
  6. Not being able to see people's emojis is sad.
  7. I couldn't respond to iMessages with gifs and that also made me sad.
  8. Honestly, I tried not to look at my phone unless it made noise.
  9. I've realized that my phone world can be consuming.
  10. I don't want that to be the case now that I got another 6.
  11. Also- apple maps is still the worst.
  12. So here's a list about how I want to keep the phone interaction to a minimum.
  13. It was a great excuse not to look at my phone when I was with people.
  14. And I started writing my lists down because I missed the app so much.
  15. I'm so incredibly thankful for 4g LTE and also the iPhone 6.
  16. Anyways that's it so hi again, everyone! 👋🏽👋🏽