Because I #diditforthegram
  1. A young woman saw me taking a picture on the side walk.
  2. She sweetly told me to let her know once I'd finished so she didn't mess it up.
  3. I told her not to worry about it and she scooted by.
  4. After achieving peak gram material, I got in my car and left.
  5. It had just begun to rain.
  6. I almost drove past her less than a block away, but she flagged me down.
  7. She kindly asked if I could give her a ride and was trying to convince me that she wasn't gonna kill me.
  8. Before she could get out her full sentence I told her to get in.
  9. "I'm Tasha. Thank you for stopping. I have my ID if you want to see it. I promise I'm not trying to take advantage of you," she told me as she shook my hand.
  10. Tasha explained that she was on her way to a town about 20 minutes away by car so she could get some clothes for her mock interview tomorrow.
  11. I took her to the apartment at which she needed to get her things, but no one was home.
  12. So she made some calls and found out that a friend was gonna bring her what she needed later that night.
  13. For a split second I thought that it had been a waste of my time, but it was really cool to have a conversation with her.
  14. She told me about the rehabilitation program she's taking classes at.
  15. They help men and women get back on their feet by teaching them how to get jobs.
  16. She was telling me about what she's learned and the classes she's taken and how much it has given her hope.
  17. Tasha might have a steady job lined up for next week as a housekeeper and she just found out about it tonight!
  18. She talked to me about the seasons in life and what she thought her next one might look like.
  19. We encouraged each other and that was really awesome.
  20. We talked about Donald Trump and her recent trip to the Biltmore House.
  21. I finally took her back to her aunt's house (where she was staying) and she thanked me profusely.
  22. I'd baked some cookies for a friend, but I gave them to Tasha cause I figured she'd appreciate them. And she was pretty excited.
  23. She made sure I got out of her apartment complex safely and I made sure to thank her for such a precious time.
  24. Who would've thought that because I stopped to get a picture, I'd get such a precious opportunity?
  25. If you've made it to the end of this, I'm sure you're wondering what the picture was.
  26. It's of my university's bell tower.
  27. #worthit