I'm in week 2 and feelin good.
  1. Old navy pixies are more comfortable than jeans.
  2. 130,000 people applied to be flight attendants last fall and they offered 1,200 positions.
    It's harder to become a delta flight attendant than it is to get into undergrad at Harvard.
  3. Power poses work wonders.
  4. True friends can be made within a few days when you've got a cocktail of 14 hr days, loads of learning, and being away from home.
  5. Flight attendants do way more than just pass out drinks.
    Currently on day 2 of emergency management and this stuff is crazy.
  6. I'm pretty sure I have a photographic memory.
  7. Encouragement moves mountains.
  8. Not everyone cares about representing the brand with excellence.
  9. Sneakers are a gift from the Lord.
  10. Bulletproof coffee and vitamins give actual life.
  11. Hotel rooms have terribly dry air.
  12. The kinds of people who want to be flight attendants are incredibly diverse.
  13. Taming flyaways, tendrils, and whispies is difficult while trying to maintain a curly up do with some volume.
  14. The travelpro city tote is God's gift to a flight attendant.