My mom is from Venezuela and my dad's from Indiana. This has given me an interesting childhood. Also apparently I didn't just invent the word bicultural- thank you autocorrect
  1. None of our friends know what your favorite food is.
    Y'all are all missing out on Venezuelan arepas.
  2. Your family is louder and more passionate than seems necessary.
    The Hispanic side always sounds like they're arguing and the Americans have no idea why everyone is being so loud.
  3. There are words you know in one language, but not in the other.
    I legitimately didn't know how to say vagina in English until I was 13.
  4. You are an excellent interpreter.
    Bridging the gap between my mom, dad, and the rest of the world since birth.
  5. Things are lost in translation.
    The beauty and fun that is a Marc Anthony song just isn't the same in English.
  6. Your friends don't understand your cartoons because they're all dubbed over in Spanish.
  7. You have an innate desire to understand other cultures.
  8. Not many people know how to relate to you.
    So you always feel like you have some sort of secretly unique take on the world.
  9. You're really good at the "foreign" language you have to take
  10. But you're also incapable of tutoring your classmates in it
    I don't know how it works- that's just how it is! And no I don't know what the present perfect conjugation for estar is.
  11. Your family visiting from the homeland means that all you do is shop and eat and drink
  12. You don't know which words are curse words when you go back to the motherland.
    Also there are way more curse words in Spanish than there are on English. Please don't fact check me on that.