When I was in the mood for it, it wasn't October. I feel morally obligated to watch holiday themed movies strictly in their holiday month. Hence why I didn't watch it in September. But now it's October. I should've watched it by now. But I haven't because...
  1. The general aura of my life at this moment is negative and I didn't want contaminate this beautiful film with my bad mood.
  2. It's been too hot out ( f u global warming), so it physically and emotionally doesn't even feel like October.
  3. Technically, it really is October, but I refuse to accept this fact until it gets cooler.
  4. I have no Halloween socks to wear while I watch it.
  5. Even if I did have Halloween socks, I wouldn't be able to wear them because of our gd thinning ozone. (It should not be 93* in OCTOBER)
  6. I'm lame and I make a lot of excuses.
  7. Are excuses and reasons the same thing?
  8. Is this technically a list anymore?
  9. Disregarding technicality though, physically and emotionally this is a list.